5 Steps to Help Get Rid of that Clutter!

It’s the middle of summer and somehow your RV has turned from “Spring Clean” to “Summer Lived-in.” Now while I typically can’t dispute the fact that homes get that “lived-in” look, RVs have a much smaller space that can’t handle that look without being terribly cramped, overwhelming, and just flat out disorganized.


Now, personally I like to handle things with a list. It keeps me aware of what all needs accomplished and, if things need done in a certain order, I can check them off and know which step needs taken next. Then, as I complete my tasks, I can check them off.   It also helps me feel a bit accomplished when I see how much I’ve done. Always a plus!


To get you started, I searched through the internet for RV-specific organizational help. Are you ready? Here you go!


  1. Go through everything. I mean e-v-e-r-t-h-i-n-g. If there is anything you don’t use, anything broken, anything that you have unused multiples of, get rid of it. Take the item(s) to your home to keep should you need it at another time, donate it, or trash it. It’s clutter and extra weight.
  2. Once you’ve purged through the things in your RV, designate a place for it all. Most RVs these days have tons of storage whether it’s inside or outside storage. Utilize it. If you need to add space for all of your “must haves” try getting storage bins, carts, hooks, or hanging organizers depending on where the additional storage is needed.
  3. A popular rule of thumb for those of us who like getting little souvenirs on our trips is the “one in, one out” rule. For example, you’ve got a collection of coffee/tea cups going from all of your
    travels. Great! But before you can place it up in your cabinet, you’re gonna have to take one out. Now, I’m not saying to throw it away, but let me show you some different options:

    1. Take it/send it home. You can keep that cup as a great reminder of that special trip, but who says it can’t remind you while you’re at home too?
    2. Give it away. This one is a little harder if you get really attached to a certain cup (why did you pick this one anyway?! Choose another), but a close friend or family member, who is not in the RV with you (don’t try to be sneaky), may get some enjoyment out of it as well.
  4. Make a cleaning schedule. Depending on how often you’re in your RV, can determine how often you should clean inside your RV. However, if you only use it on the weekends, make it a habit to clean up before you go. Things to remember:
    1. Food and drinks in and out of your fridge. You don’t want to leave your RV, even if it’s just for a week, with food or drinks that can go bad. Try to use it up before you go, take it home with you, or pitch it at the dumpster on your way out. Nobody wants to come back to a bad odor or mess because something expired.
    2. Whether it’s dirty clothes that need cleaned or clothes that you may want/need during the week, or perhaps like in #3 you need to bring something home that has been replaced by a new item, don’t forget to check your clothes.
    3. Whether it’s yours or your favorite four-legged friend, bring home the bedding to wash regularly or swap out for fresh ones to help keep your RV smelling clean.
    4. And take out the trash!
  5. As a final note to help de-clutter your RV, try going digital. Try buying digital movies or getting digital copies of your favorites. Less dvds in your RV equals less added weight and less wasted space. You can also try going digital with your photos. (Click HERE if you want an example on making dvds digital.)





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Essential Tips For A Less Cluttered And More Organized RV