Certified PreOwned Travel Trailers

Certified PreOwned Travel Trailers

Vector certified stampOnce a customer buys their first RV from Walnut Ridge, it’s very likely that we will work with them again when it comes time to upgrade and own something bigger, newer or fancier. Some loyal customers have purchased and upgraded three or more times from Walnut Ridge RV. This means we always have a strong selection of quality, certified preowned Travel Trailers,  many of which have detailed service and repair histories.

These certified pre-owned RV’s can be a practical alternative to buying new. You can spend less – while having confidence in the quality and longevity of your purchase. Walnut Ridge puts every pre-owned trade-in unit through a detailed 65 point inspection.

We systematically check, monitor or repair all major systems to assure that you are not investing in someone else’s problems.

We examine:

  • LP System
  • Exterior Electrical Systems
  • Interior Electrical Systems
  • Interior structures – cabinets, doors and windows
  • Exterior Systems – awnings, jacks and legs
  • Exterior Seals
  • Exterior Appearance and Finishes
  • Tires – age and even wear
  • Water and Plumbing Systems

All certified pre-owned RV’s 6 model years old and newer are covered under a 90 Day Limited Warranty. Those that fail to meet our inspection standards – or, are older than 6 model years are offered with “as is” disclosures identifying any potential issues with that vehicle.

You can trust Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales to offer quality preowned travel trailers that meet and exceed our certification standards and will give you years and years of reliable enjoyment.

PreOwned Travel Trailers