Introducing the Schmand Family

Hey there! My name is Ryan! My wife’s name is Heather. We have 3 children, Corbin (12) Zoey (5) and Zachary (4). Together we are fulltime5. We started fulltime living in our RV almost 1 year ago! We sold our house and everything in it to try out RV Life! Our goal was to be able to spend more time with our children as we gave up things like birthday presents and Christmas presents to experience more quality time spent together! We now buy our children fun experiences..rather then objects that filled our house with clutter! Since we have downsized our lives we have been able to save more money and work less, giving us the opportunity to see more places and do more things with our 3 amazing children. We love being able to travel and since we homeschool our kids, traveling for us is very easy. We always have our laptops with us and they can do their school work from almost anywhere in the world! Most things that they experience on the road can also be used towards school. For example, our oldest son blogs and that can be used for his English and socials!

We are currently on the biggest adventure of our lives as we ditched the RV for 2 months back home and started backpacking southeast Asia! We’re in Thailand at the moment and will be headed to Cambodia next, followed by Vietnam where we will spend our new years and Christmas! We leave Vietnam January 15th and return home to Canada to resume RV Life! We hope to be able to show our children a side of the world they never would have seen before had we not switched our lifestyle. Experiencing a new culture and seeing how other people live gives them a new perspective..and hopefully humbles them at the same time! We are extremely excited for what our families’ future holds as we are beyond excited to be able to start a new chapter in our lives!

Sincerely Ryan and Heather Schmand

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