Free Winter RV Storage

Free Winter Storage 2014

Wouldn’t it be great NOT to have to worry about making extra space for your RV this winter?  Let Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales make caring for your RV this winter easy and painless.

You can take advantage of Free Winter RV Storage with the purchase of our Winterization RV Maintenance Package.

Our packages include:

  • Bearing Repack
  • Roof Reseal
  • Clean/Adjust Slideout Mechanism
  • Clean Charging System and Test Battery
  • Clean, Adjust and Lube Coupler
  • Perform 3 stage LP Leak and Pressure Test

This Offer includes up to 6 months of RV Storage – and, the offer is valid only with minimum service purchase.  This is a limited time offer

For Free Winter RV Storage Call 800.607.8827


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