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At the Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales Learning Center, it’s our goal for you to Learn More about your RV. Our approach is simple: the more you know, the more enjoyment you will get from your RV. And, when you get more enjoyment from your RV, we have help to make you a happier RV customer!

wrv icon Learning CenterAnd, did we mention – our classes are FREE!

Walnut Ridge has actual dedicated classrooms with regularly scheduled RV learning events that cover the basics for new RVer’s. These classes are even a great refresher for seasoned RV enthusiasts. Our instructors are experienced in their particular speciality and make the seminar-type classes an interactive and hands-on learning experience.

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Typical  of our most popular class offerings include an Introduction to RVing class and a Basic RV Maintenance seminar. Some classes cover destinations and other have included such topics as gun safety when traveling in your RV. This class was designed for hunters and sportsmen who RV.

No matter what your concept of a perfect RV vacation is, we want to provide you with the RV knowledge that will empower you to experience the freedom of owning and enjoying your RV to the fullest. That’s what the Learning Center is all about.

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Our Next RV Learning Center Event

  • Saturday, October 21st
  • 9:00-10:30am: Introduction to RVing
  • 11:00-12:30pm: Basic RV Maintenance

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