Towing Guide

Many questions come up regarding tow capacity and specific vehicles. While the below graphic does not cover all vehicles, it should serve as a guide, and a guide only when shopping for your camper.

Often you will find that one specific vehicle, say a Ford F-150 will offer a range of tow capacity, based off gear ratio and tow packages. It’s best to check with the individual manufacturer using your vehicles VIN number or consult with a trained professional
to know your vehicle’s exact tow capacity.

The guide below allows for 1,000lbs extra on the tow vehicles. By that we mean, if your vehicle’s tow capacity is 8,000lbs, we have placed it in the “up to 7,000lb category.” This is meant to ensure you stay well under your maximum tow capacity once you load cargo and supplies for your camping adventure. After all, camping is more fun when you safely arrive at your destination, and your vehicle is undamaged.

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