Light by Open Range Travel Trailer

Light Travel Trailers. Four season RV’s from Open Range.

As you might have guessed from the name, Light by Open Range Travel Trailers are designed for lower total towing weights for easier handling and better vehicle mileage. Light Travel Trailers by Open Range are one of our newer brands to be featured at Walnut Ridge Family RV Sales. Highlighted by very open and spacious designs, many feature darker wood finishes and leather furnishing that highlight the unique appearance of these trailers. These Travel Trailers are ideally suited for a camping family that is looking for a light weight, four season RV.

Keep in mind – to say this brand is “new”, is not to imply they are “untested”. We added this manufacturer to our very select line of Travel Trailer brands because we discovered some of the best design and engineering minds are behind the scenes at Open Range. We continue to be impressed by the customer satisfaction feedback we get on these units that genuinely provide MORE in terms of features and amenities – and, all in a lighter weight package.

At Walnut Ridge, we were attracted to the Light line-up for several reasons. Certainly, it was the innovative nature of their Travel Trailers that first caught our attention. But, as we got to know more about the company, their philosophy matched ours in terms of customer satisfaction and accountability.

Light 275RLS

Light 280RKS

Light 291RLS

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Light 312BHS

Indiana New Light by Open Range Travel Trailer Inventory