Winter is Coming…

Winter is coming, will you still be able to enjoy camping in your RV?  There are many RVs that claim to be able to last the winter season, but there are a few that standout more than the rest.

Cougar Fifth Wheels – These beautiful, and newly re-designed, fifth wheels are 3rd party tested! Yes, that’s right! Keystone sends these out to a third party who then puts them in a cold weather simulator, fills their tank with water, and then drops the temperature.  This testing let’s you know, that the products can actually withstand colder temps.  The heated and enclosed underbelly help the Cougar reach the “Zero Degree Rated” level that will last the winter.


Montana Fifth Wheels – As far as the rating for winter weather, the Montana line-up goes through the same rigorous testing to reach that “Zero Degree Rated” standard.  They also have the same heated and enclosed underbelly design that the Cougars have.  The Montana is a high profile as opposed to the mid-profile of the Cougar, which when combined with other features, make the Montana the number one selling, luxury fifth wheel for 14 consecutive years!


Mesa Ridge Fifth Wheel – The Mesa Ridge Fifth Wheel is also a great RV to spend the winter months in.  These are All-Season with uniquely heated underbellies and holding tanks.  The tanks are suspended in the underbelly which allows for the forced, heated air system to keep the tanks 360 degrees warm.  These are also “Zero Degree Rated.”



Mobile Suites – These gorgeous Fifth Wheels are top of the line!  They are stunning inside and out, with many luxurious features that truly make these your home-away-from-home.  But to make these Winter-worthy, they have 3.25 inch thick sidewalls (which is an industry exclusive!), 3 inch thick floor with four season perimeter heat ducting, and forced heat air ducting to tanks/water system.  These, plus many more, features make this a great RV to spend your winter camping in!


If you have any questions on these or any other units on our lot, please call us at 1-800-607-8827 or 765-533-2288!